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Reserve line generator over GSM/GPRS network


SmartLink Advanced Telephone dialer on PSTN line, GSM / GPRS network and generator of a backup telephone line

The SmartLink Advanced anticipates the needs and technologies of ‘the-day-after-tomorrow’ security and PSTN and GSM network connectivity requirements. The SmartLink Advanced offers best-inclass PSTN and GSM network connectivity and thus allows installers to deliver the highest levels of user satisfaction. The device is capable of generating a reserve telephone line when the PSTN is unavailable, as well as operating as a GSM voice dialler with 100 pre-recorded messages customizable by means of text-to-speech software or .wav file.

In fact, the new hardware (for P and GP versions) integrates a powerful voice board capable of storing 15 minutes of speech and 100 messages. Moreover, the SmartLink Advanced is capable of sending SMS messages over the GSM network, in both manual and automatic mode. Automatically generated texts can be modified through the software editor.

It is also possible to establish a connection between two SmartLink Advanced devices for the periodic control and management of the “GSM Network Connection” check. Another useful aspect of the SmartLink Advanced is that it is capable of managing the GPRS channel for its own remote management and programming. This feature allows users to access the device through the Internet. To activate the GPRS channel of the GSM network, just insert an Internet enabled SIM. The installer can activate the GPRS connection by sending an SMS message containing valid credentials. The SmartLink Advanced will connect to the previously programmed IP address of the device.

If the installer is on the move and the connection IP address is different from the programmed one, it is possible to send the device an SMS message containing valid credentials and the IP address the SmartLink Advanced must connect to. By means of new programming and control software, it is now possible to obtain remote access to all the device functions in a simple, fast and secure way.

You can find the product by unique code: SMARTLINK-G.

Part number SMARTLINK-G
Supply voltage 13,8 V;
Size 220 x 133 x 55 mm
Weight 0,9 kg
Certificate EN54;
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