About us

UAB "Sintra Baltic" is engaged in a wide range of security system equipment and wholesale of electronic products in Lithuania and Europe. Fast delivery throughout Lithuania and Europe. Lowest prices and a wide selection of goods. We represent the manufacturer Sentek Electronics (China), these include a wide range of fire smoke and temperature detectors, magnetic contacts and other products. The products we sell meet the requirements of the European Union and have all the necessary certificates (EN-54, CE, UL14604, etc.).


To ensure professional and prompt supply of electronic security equipment at a competitive price for each customer


To be an innovative, leading European market supplier of electronic security systems that exceeds customer expectations.


• FLEXIBILITY - with decision-making freedom and market knowledge, we can adapt to the client's needs and provide the best offer or solution.
• IMPROVEMENT - driven by innovation, we creatively seek new opportunities for our clients and learn from our mistakes.
• ATTENTION - by carefully listening to the client and getting to know him, we create mutually beneficial long-term relationships.
• HONESTY- we are open with clients, partners and each other, and we adhere to our agreements based on the principles of business ethics.
• TEAMWORK - we follow the principle "one for all, all for one".
• SPEED - saving customers' time, we promptly respond to requests and fulfill orders.

Great value for money

We pride ourselves on a carefully selected range and are constantly expanding and improving it. We strive to offer our customers what is the best, while ensuring excellent value for money. We sell high quality electronic security system elements that meet EU standards. We are the official representative of such global suppliers as NINGBO SENTEK ELECTRONICS and NUMENS for the Baltic States. Our range allows you to choose not only various technical parameters, but also product design.


  • wide range of products;
  • wide selection of technical characteristics and designs;
  • representative of international brands in the Baltic countries;
  • straightforward and flexible system to deliver products;
  • B2B delivery of products throughout Europe;
  • excellent value for money;
  • our products are certified ,safe and meets standards imposed by the European Union;
  • electronic security systems professional with 10 years of experience in the market;
  • extensive network of partners in Europe and beyond;
  • central warehouse and headquarters in Vilnius;
  • qualified professional assistance in forming the range (B2B) and choosing individual solutions (B2C).

  • A reliable partner in Europe

    SINTRA BALTIC has built a reliable network of partners throughout Europe during its lifetime. We are a reliable partner for many traders and electronic system installers. An extensive network allows us to ensure convenient, fast and inexpensive delivery and offer flexible marketing. Many years of experience and professionalism ensure market stability and give our partners a strong competitive advantage. Let’s work together because together we can do more!

    Benefits of Flexibility

    Quality and flexibility have always been and are a priority of SINTRA BALTIC. In our operations, we strive to adhere to the highest standards of customer service and provide the best purchasing experience in the B2B segment. We offer our partners flexible payment, ordering and delivery conditions. We will adapt to the needs of your business and help you achieve ambitious goals. Our flexibility is the competitive advantage we give you.

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