Code:  SNA-360-SL
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Addressable smoke detector with additional LED


Addressable Smoke Detector SNA-360-SL with Remote LED.  

Model SNA-360-SL detector is advanced photoelectric smoke detection which is made with an innovative and modern design, every unit is individually tested and calibrated to ensure high reliability and prevent false alarms.

Compatible with: C-TEC, KENTEC, INIM, GLOBAL FIRE and other intelligent fire control panels.

You can find the product by unique code: SNA-360-SL.

Part number SNA-360-SL
Detector type Smoke;
Wires 4;
Alarm contact Remote LED;
Other features Compatitable with main intelligent fire systems (f.e.: INIM, GFE etc.)
Supply voltage 17~28V;
Power consumption (standby) 260uA
Power consumption (alarm) 2mA
Certificate CE; EN54;
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