• Fire

    Fire protection systems, Fire, flame sensors, autonomous sensors, control panel, modules, detectors, sensors, buttons, sirens, bells, beam detectors, explosive premises equipment, testing equipment, fire cables, extension module, repeater,extinguishing module, smoke detector, temperature detector, auto reset function, buzzer, 48V.


    Security systems, burglar, panels, modules, keypads, sensors, motion, glass breakage, water leakage, IR barriers, seismic, magnetic contacts, recessed, stick on, metal, outdoor siren, internal siren, flashlights, extension module, the control panel box and keyboard, multi-wire for security, wireless equipment, accessories, outdoor siren with flash and battery magnetic contact door.


    Video surveillance systems, CCTV analog cameras, IP cameras, lenses, monitors, camera mounts, camera housings, camera connectors, dome cameras, Controlled Cameras, recording events, color video camera.

    Access Control

    Access control, controllers, readers, keyboards, cards, chips, tokens, bolts, locks, exit buttons, sensors, software, other equipment, door locks, holders, dallas chips.


    Electrical goods, electrical wiring, power supplies, cables, switches, fasteners, switching equipment, electronic components, batteries, transformers, adapters, UPS, fire cables, safety cables, mini switches, buttons, wireless buttons, straps, clips, trays, metal boxes, junction boxes, blocks, flexible transitions, relays.